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Dachshund Gifts Nutrition Facts - Doxie Got Moxie

Doxie Got Moxie

Dachshund Gifts Nutrition Facts

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You have read the press. You have seen the labeled warnings. All the nutritional facts bear-out: Your Dachshund is 40lbs, of crazy rolled into an 8lb. body. They are sweeter than sweet, and smarter than smart, and as lovey as they are long. Dachshunds are unique in the dog world because they are larger than life. A Dachshund parent, sibling, and best friend know that this breed of dog is a mixed bag of facts and each one gives so much more than expected. Made from the highest quality materials and as sturdy as your Dachshund, the Dachshund Nutritional Facts Mug is the perfect gift for a family member, a friend, or oneself.

Note: After 12/09, mug order will unlikely arrive before Christmas!

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